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12 benefits of drinking hot water

Most people think that as long as you drink water, you’re reaping the best benefits. However, there are different types of water with different impacts on your body. While cold or iced water is refreshing, drinking too much of it might not be good for your body. It doesn’t encourage fat loss as well as hot water, and might hurt your stomach in the long run. Here are some reasons why you should be switching to hot water from now!

Weight loss.


If you’re looking to lose a few kilos, drinking hot water is ideal for maintaining a healthy metabolism. A great way to do so is to drink a glass of hot water in the morning to get you started. It helps to break down body fat in your body.

Clears sinuses and throat congestion.


Feeling under the weather, or dealing with a cough or a sore throat? Hot water is a perfect remedy as it doesn’t involve ingesting forms of medicine. It helps dissolve phlegm and remove it from our respiratory tract, hence providing relief from a sore throat and clears our nasal passages.

Menstrual cramps.


Using heat packs is a known way of relieving such cramps, but hot water can help as well. The heat from the water calms and soothes our abdominal muscles, reducing most of the pain.



When you want to clear your body of any toxins, drinking hot water can aid in the process. The heat will cause your body temperature to rise, resulting in sweat. Through that, toxins can be released, and our body can be cleansed.

Keeps you younger.


Keeping toxins stuck in our body can cause us to age faster. Clearing it will help retain a more youthful look. Hot water can also contribute to repair skin cells, increasing the elasticity of your skin. Over time, you can heal damaged skin in a natural way.

Prevent breakouts.


Drinking hot water benefits your skin. It deeply cleanses our pores and helps eliminate the cause of acne-related infections.

Shinier, healthier hair.


Want hair like the models in the commercials? Instead of buying shampoos filled with chemicals, hot water helps to energise the nerve endings of our hair roots and make them active. This keeps our hair looking healthy and strong.

Hair growth.


In addition to healthy hair, activating the roots of your hair will promote hair growth. The regular activity of the roots will result in acceleration in the growth of your hair.

Dandruff prevention.


Problems like dry scalp and dandruff are less likely if you drink hot water, as it keeps your scalp hydrated.

Improve blood circulation.


Poor blood flow can leave us feeling fatigued and weak. Drinking hot water enhances our blood circulation, which is vital for muscle and nerve activity. On top of that, it helps break down fat deposits around our nervous system, keeping them healthy.



Hot water is especially useful in aiding digestion. Cold water has been shown to harden oil present in consumed foods if you drink it during or after a meal. Over time, this will result in a fat deposit on the inner walls of your intestine, which might lead to intestinal cancer. Replacing the glass of ice water with a hot glass can remove this problem, and help in your digestion.

Bowel movements.

Painful bowel movements are a sign that something isn’t right. Drinking hot water can help regulate bowel movement, keeping it healthy and painless. If you do not drink enough water, it can result in constipation which is extremely uncomfortable and results in painful bowel movement. Drinking a glass of hot water every morning on an empty stomach can help wash out any remaining food residue from the previous day, thus aiding your bowel movement.


Drink on and stay healthy!