5 Common Floor Cleaning Mistakes That You Should Avoid

5 Common Floor Cleaning Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Cleaning is second nature to many homeowners and a key part of a healthy life. What many people don’t know is that the products and techniques they are using to clean their floors could actually be damaging the surface rather than cleaning it.

There is also a common misconception that chemical-based cleaners offer a deeper and faster cleaning experience. However, these chemicals may be toxic to your family. Chemicals and incorrect methods aside, there are actually safe and effective ways to clean floors.

What are the five common mistakes in floor cleaning

Scrubbing carpet fibre

The friction that is created when a towel is moved back and forth can damage the carpet fibres. This type of damage can shorten the lifespan of the carpet and have owners replacing carpet prematurely. Instead of scrubbing, try cleaning in a blotting motion, moving the cloth up and down repeatedly to avoid damage.

Cleaning with too much water

Be it hardwood floors or carpet, cleaning with excess water could have negative consequences. The moisture can build up and create water damage and potential mould infestations. To limit the amount of water that comes into direct contact with your floors, try cleaning with already damp cloths and rags.

Assuming the floor is clean based on appearances

Just because the surface looks clean, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is. Regularly vacuuming floorboards and carpeted surfaces helps to get rid of the loose dirt that gathers on the ground. Leaving the loose dirt on your floors has a sandpaper like effect on the surface and could lead to the floor dulling in colour, or scratches appearing over time.

Being slow to deal with spills

When something gets knocked onto your floors, springing into quick action will save you time and effort. By cleaning up the spill quickly, you aren’t allowing the stain to sink deep into the fibres of the floor, meaning that the clean-up job won’t be as long or as strenuous.

Using abrasive scrubs on the wrong surface

Attacking floor spills with a coarse cloth or scrub is not only overzealous, but it may actually work against you. If the scrub is too coarse for your surface, it may remove the grime, but it will also scratch and blemish the floor’s finish.

How to clean floors properly

Many homeowners will be familiar with mopping their floors, however they may not be doing it effectively. To achieve a longer lasting and deeper clean, fill a bucket with hot water and a cleaning solution. Dip a mop into the solution and wring out as much of the excess water as you can, as you want to avoid the mistake of cleaning with too much water. Make sure to slide your mop along the grain, and repeat until you’ve cleaned the whole surface. Also ensure that you’re always mopping with clean water to avoid spreading dirty water back onto surfaces you’ve already mopped for a thorough cleaning job.

Recommended floor cleaner

Now that homeowners know the right techniques for cleaning their floors, the next question is- what is the right product? Most popular household cleaners, while killing germs effectively will also contain toxic ingredients such as phthalates which have the potential to damage the liver, kidneys and lungs and formaldehyde, a substance that research has linked to watery eyes, nausea and asthmatic attacks.

Instead, try Bio-home’s Floor Cleaner. It’s a baby-safe concentrated solution that’s dermatologically tested and cleans floors without leaving any harsh chemicals behind. Made from non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% plant-based active ingredients, cleaning with bio-home doesn’t mean also exposing your family to toxic chemicals.

Making the switch to green cleaning products not only makes for a healthier and safer home, but it also helps reduce pollution in the waterways and the air, minimises climate change, and produces less environmental waste. Green cleaning products also smell nicer due to them not containing strong chemicals, making for a more pleasant cleaning experience. Find out for yourself with our Rinse-Free Floor Cleaner.