5 Healthy Habits to Start in Your Home


5 Healthy Habits to Start in Your Home

Do you ever feel like the amount of housework you have to do is never ending? Even if you have other household members giving you a helping hand, there are a number of possible ways to make things easier for yourself while improving your home. Some of these habits are simple but make a huge impact when it comes to maintaining a clean, organised, and healthy home environment. Here are five of the best habits you can start today to improve your home’s wellness and practical tips to make cleaning a straightforward task.  

1. Decluttering

The idea of living a life free from clutter and embracing a minimal lifestyle is becoming more commonplace, especially as many people are living in small homes, studios, and apartments. The reality is that there are many benefits to living with less: it’s easier to clean, easier to organize, and you’ll have more space to do the things you love like yoga or cooking. But you’re not alone if the thought of decluttering is making you feel overwhelmed, luckily there are many ways you can make this a simple and fun part of your life.

If you have a large home, you can give yourself five minutes to declutter a different area each day. For someone with many things to get rid of, aim to fill a donation bag each week until your home is junk free. For those that struggle with putting things away, focus on one type of item at a time such as filing away mail and papers or organising shoes in their boxes.

2. Go green

As energy costs continue to rise, there are a number of things you can do to make your home more green, save energy, and improve environmental sustainability. If you haven’t already made the switch, change the light bulbs in your home to energy efficient bulbs; LED and CFL bulbs use just 30% the energy of their standard counterparts. Recycle diligently to stop unnecessary items from going to landfill and compost your scraps for a healthier garden. Cultivate a green thumb by adding some indoor plants – these are great for reducing toxins through air purification. Finally, swap your chemical-based cleaning products for natural alternatives that are better for you, your home, and the planet.

3. Meal planning

Nothing adds stress to the week like having to think about what you’re going to eat for dinner or take to work for lunch every day. Meal planning can help change the way you eat, simplify your buying habits, and make your day run smoothly. Not only will you know how many serves of protein, fruits and vegetables you are having during the week, you will also save money driving to and from the shops picking up odds and ends.

It’s as simple as picking a time every week to prepare portion sized meals and label them ready for the days ahead. Choose three to four different meals to cook and make sure you clean as you go by rinsing dishes, wiping down surfaces, and emptying the dishwasher. Our Lavender & Bergamot Kitchen Cleaner will keep your kitchen looking neat and clean so cooking feels like less of a chore.

Tip: Meal planning is a great way to get your children involved in making decisions regarding their food. If they have a favourite meal, make sure to add it to your weekly plan, and if there is a meal that they don’t like, think of things you could change to make it more enjoyable for them.  

4. Think ahead

It is easy to procrastinate or put off simple, yet tedious, tasks. By thinking ahead and doing it now, you’ll really thank yourself and save time later. In the morning, try to make the bed each day. In the evening, take five minutes to put your clothes away and choose your outfit for the next day. File away or pay bills as you open them and keep on top of your shopping needs by making a list as you run out of household items including pet and cleaning supplies.

5. Cleaning routinely

It may feel like your house is never clean enough, but with the right cleaning products you won’t have to clean nearly as much. Chemical-based cleaning products leave a residue on surfaces that attract more dirt, so opt for natural alternatives that are bio-degradable. Use water and microfibre cloths, or to leave your house still smelling clean, use a natural all-purpose cleaner such as our Lemongrass and Green Tea Multi-Surface Cleaner. This is particularly useful when cleaning the floor. You’ll find that you won’t have to mop as often, as a quick sweep or dust will be enough.

Try to do a load of laundry at least once a week to stop dirty clothes from piling up and use a gentle detergent that delivers effective washing results without the need for softener like our Hyacinth and Nectarine Laundry Detergent. Our Natural and Delicate Laundry detergents are a few great alternatives that effectively clean your clothes and other items! 

Habits can often be hard to form, but if you have your eyes set on a realistic end goal, you’ll be making healthier decisions by the day. In addition, choosing healthier products can have a huge impact on your health, such as choosing plant-based cleaners by bio-home. Make the healthier choice today and switch to our range of eco-friendly cleaners that will keep your home clean without leaving behind nasty chemicals.

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