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5 ways to avoid weight gain on vacation


Vacations are always filled with food indulgences, leading to weight gain for many. Here are 5 things you can do while on vacation to avoid this consequence.


Control your morning meal



Skip carbs at breakfast and keep your portions to one plate. This will help to set the tone for the rest of the day, as people tend to binge during lunch and dinner. However, if your breakfast or brunch is likely to be a decadent one, try to eat something beforehand to curb some your hunger so that you can order smartly.


Snack smarter



Bring some snacks that are high in protein if you’re going for an all-day excursion. This will prevent you from being ravenous by your next meal and ordering excessively.


Grocery shop



Take a trip to the local supermarket and stock up on things that will allow you to make your own meals. Get some healthy snacks and also load up on breakfast food such as fruit, yogurt and oatmeal.


Avoid the buffet

grabbing food in a buffet line


Steer clear of buffets as they have an “all you can eat” mindset that tends to make you overeat. If you do end up eating at a buffet, don’t feel obligated to eat everything available. Overeating will make you feel stuffed and sluggish for the rest of the day, which isn’t what you want to feel on vacation.


Take the long way



Move as often as you can, be it walking to dinner or taking a detour back to your hotel. Try to add more activities to your itinerary if you’re on a sedentary vacation.