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6 household chores with health benefits

You might hate household chores but doing them brings about undeniable benefits. Namely, you get a cleaner and neater home. Not to mention, it’ll leave you feeling more accomplished! Did you know that doing these simple tasks can also boost happiness, lower stress and protect you from diseases? There is no better reason to start doing chores other than these.

Making your bed

Studies have proven: those who make their beds each morning starts off feeling more productive and with a greater sense of well-being. This is because most people feel a sense of accomplishment after making their beds, translating to more motivation in completing tasks in the day.

Leaving your bed neat and tidy will result in you feeling more refreshed and invigorated throughout the day. A messy bed can add to feelings of stress to your day.

Maintaining a garden

If your home doesn’t have one, you can turn your attention to owning a few plants which you can place around your house. Doing such work, including DIY projects and housecleaning can reduce your risk of suffering from a first-time heart attack or stroke by 30%. Working out a sweat tending to your plants helps your body flush out toxins and energises you after cooling off.

Washing the dishes

This might be the most hated chore for some, but mindfully cleaning your plate can help you lower nervousness levels by about 30%. Take the time to focus on the actions of your hands. Since it doesn’t require much mental concentration, you’re free to let your thoughts wander. It’s also a great time to practice some calming and breathing exercises.

Bathroom cleaning

This has benefits way beyond your body and its actions. The conditions of the bathroom make it an ideal place for harmful bacteria to fester and grow. By cleaning it regularly, you are reducing the chances of the disease spreading to places like your toothbrush. This practice also helps prevent mould from growing, which can be a chore to deal with later.

Decluttering your kitchen

Believe it or not, this helps you keep your weight in check. A recent study shows that people with an extremely cluttered house are 77% more likely to be overweight or obese. It is harder to make healthy eating choices if your kitchen is a mess. Getting rid of those junk food helps. If you don’t see it, you won’t think about it.


This tiring activity has the same benefits as doing 15 minutes of kickboxing. Don’t split this activity by rooms but try to vacuum the entire house. The activity of vacuuming helps in giving your arms, core and legs a great workout.

There are no better reasons to start doing your housework! Get started now and reap the benefits.