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8 Food Combinations to try and 3 Combinations to avoid

Did you know that how you pair your food could influence how your body absorbs the nutrients?Here are 8 food pairings that we strongly recommend to reap the most nutrients from your food!


Tomatoes and Olive Oil



Love a delicious slice of bruschetta? Make your own by mixing a little olive oil into tomato sauce or drizzle sliced fresh tomatoes with vinaigrette. The fat in the olive oil helps to promote the absorption of lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes.


Salmon and Spinach



The combination of calcium and vitamin D works wonderfully in tandem. Salmon is a great source of both nutrients. Thus, we recommend having salmon with spinach or other leafy greens to help in the absorption of both nutrients.


Cereal (iron-fortified) and Orange Juice

Breakfast scene with Cereal,fruits and Orange juice,strawberries

Start your day with some cereal and OJ! The vitamin C in your OJ will help to enhance your body’s absorption of the iron in the cereal. Getting sufficient iron is very important for teenagers as it is a key nutrient for growth and development. We also encourage premenopausal women to try this combination, as they are often iron-deficient due to their periods.


Milk and Bananas



Bored of having cereal with milk for breakfast? Why not throw in some sliced bananas to make it a tastier meal? Bananas are high in insulin, which supports gut health and enhances your body’s ability to absorb calcium as well.


Omelette and Red Peppers



Add a savoury touch to your omelette by adding some roasted red or yellow peppers! A recent study found that whole eggs aid the absorption of nutrients in brightly-coloured vegetables such as peppers and carrots.


Fruit and Nuts



A perfect combination of vitamin C and E. These nutrients are antioxidants that work to regenerate each other. So next time when you have a fruit salad, toss some nuts and seeds in to get your fill of vitamin C and E!


Salsa and Guacamole

Try this delicious mixture of tomato salsa and avocado-based guacamole dip with a carrot stick! A recent study has shown that this dip helps to facilitate the absorption of a form of vitamin A found in tomatoes and carrots and converts it to its active form. Vitamin A is important for vision, immune system, multiple body organs and reproduction.


Ice Cream and Sunshine



Love some ice cream? Have it with some sunshine! Vitamin D from the sun and calcium from your ice cream are better absorbed together!


With good combinations, there are bound to be bad combinations as well. Here are 3 food pairings we will not recommend. Check them out to make sure you haven’t been having them!


Green Tea and Kale



A recent study suggests that drinking green tea with or after an iron-rich food (such as dark leafy greens or red meat) can inhibit some of the antioxidant properties of green tea. Hence, we would advise against blending kale into a green tea-based smoothie, particularly for people drinking it to ease irritable bowel syndrome flare-ups. Save that kale for another meal!


Latte and Almonds



Do you have a habit of snacking on almonds—or any plant seed really—, while drinking your latte? If you do, stop that habit right now, as the phytic acid in those plant foods can diminish the absorption of some nutrients, including calcium.


Rhubarb Pie and Milk


Pie and milk is an American classic, yet we urge you to reconsider the slice of pie that you choose. Rhubarb—as well as parsley, spinach and watercress—are relatively high in oxalic acid, which can interfere with the absorption of minerals and even lead to kidney stones if consumed in large quantities.