Areas You May Miss When Cleaning the Floor

Areas You May Miss When Cleaning the Floor

Regular cleaning, sweeping, or mopping of floors keeps surfaces clean, but there are times that we often miss some areas. For most of us, cleaning the house feels like a chore and when it is time to clean, we want to zip through as quickly as possible! As a result, there are many places in the house where dirt and dust accumulate and go unnoticed. It’s important to reach these areas, as dirt and dust mites can cause allergies – especially in sensitive children. Not to mention any food spills can turn to mould and become a health hazard.

When it comes to cleaning floors, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there! Find out the most common areas we miss when cleaning the floors.

Under the refrigerator

Even if we keep our fridge clean on the outside and inside, there’s a chance we forget about the space underneath. Cleaning the floors under the fridge is often tedious, as it’s only a small space – making it hard to glide a broom or vacuum cleaner under. But it is important to clean under the fridge at least once a year to prolong the fridge lifespan and remove any dirt and dust buildup. When dust builds-up on the floor, it causes a sticky gummy residue under the fridge which can lead to staining and built-in gunk. The easiest way to clean under the fridge is by moving it. To do this, remove any frozen goods or products that can spoil and pack them in an icebox. Turn off the fridge and use cardboard on the surrounding floor to prevent scuffing as you move the unit. Use bio-home Floor Cleaner mixed with hot water and scrub the affected surface.

Under the couch

It’s always astonishing how much dust – and food! – accumulates underneath sofas. It’s an area often overlooked when cleaning. But it’s an important space to clean, particularly if your family is like many others who eat, drink, and spend a lot of time in the living room. Bulky furniture is often a good cover for cobwebs which can lead to spiders or other creepy crawlies hiding at this area. Moving your sofas and giving the floors a sweep and mop is a small price to pay for keeping your home clean.

Along skirting boards

Most homes feature skirting boards covering the lowest part of the interior walls. Often, the joint between the board and the floor can be a trap for dirt and dust. While it may seem like a minor area hardly worth the effort to clean, it makes a huge difference to the appearance of your floors. Not only that, dust and cobwebs tend to gather in these areas along with any foodstuffs that may have been pushed into the joint from previous cleans. A simple way to clean the floors along skirting boards is by using a microfiber cloth to pick up loose dust and then getting rid of any grime by gently rubbing with a mop or cloth soaked in surface cleaner.

Behind doors and cupboards

Another commonly missed area when cleaning floors is the space behind doors and cupboards. When cleaning, make sure you open doors to clean the space in front, and then close the door to cover the areas missed. Pay particular attention to walk-in pantries or floor to ceiling cupboards, where food can get stuck between the small space and floor. Usually, a quick dusting will do the trick. For any dirt, grime, or sticky residue, using the bio-home Multi-Surface Cleaner to spot clean will get those floors spick and span again.

High traffic areas

Areas within the house that attracts a lot of foot traffic tend to be the most mess prone. These areas include the kitchen, living room, dining room, and front entranceway. Think about the space under the dining room table where food bits remain unnoticed. At entrance ways, clean the space underneath your welcome mats when cleaning the floor. This is also an overlooked area yet it is one spot that holds a lot of dirt from people walking into the house after a whole day outdoors. Large pieces of furniture such as standalone mirrors, beds and bedside tables also provide a great cover for dirt, dust and mould. These pieces of furniture are rarely moved once placed in the house, yet are breeding grounds for dust balls, cobwebs, and missing toys or remotes!

Keep floor surfaces clean effectively

Keeping floors clean and dirt-free helps to maintain a polished and healthy home. Even if the rest of the house is clean, when the floors are dirty it makes the entire house appear dirty, too! A fast and easy way to clean the floor is by using bio-home Natural Floor Cleaner. The 100% plant-based active ingredients provide a deep & thorough clean, without being harsh on surfaces or skin. This makes cleaning the house fuss-free and eco-friendly. A better choice for you and your family.