biohomecares - Why you should buy eco-friendly dishwashing liquid

Why you should buy eco-friendly dishwashing liquid?

The simple act of washing dishes at home can have an adverse impact on our environment, much to our negligence.

To begin with, many dishwashing liquids contain phosphate, a naturally-occurring mineral salt. Phosphate binds with dirt and grease, suspends them in water, and allows other cleaning agents in the liquid to perform their functions optimally. However, if excesses of it enter water bodies like ponds, lakes and rivers, it can lead to a severe multiplication of algae. Algae forms a coating over the surface of water bodies, blocks the entry of sunlight, deprives other marine species of oxygen and ultimately kills them. When cynobacteria, a type of mico-organism created by algae, grows in vast quantities in the water, it can be lethal to human beings if the contaminated water is congested.

Besides the presence of phosphate, there are also a myraid of chemicals in dishwashing detergents., such as stability agents, surfactants, mild additives and colour dyes. These substances tend to be non-biodegradable and pose considerable harm to aquatic organisms if they are not sieved out at water treatment facilities, and eventually end up in water bodies.

The great news is that there are many affordable and environmentally friendly dishwashing detergents than there were just a few years ago, allowing consumers to make a wiser and more informed purchasing decision. For example, bio-home’s Dishwashing Liquid uses biodegradable, 100% plant-based active ingredients in a concentrated, easy rinse, low-foam formula that reduces water usage. Dermatologically tested and pH-balanced, it is tough on grease but gentle on your hands – and the environment.

We can also start using concentrated dishwashing liquids, which also translates into reduced packaging and transport-related emissions, due to less weight in shipping of what is, in fact, water. 1 pump of bio-home’s non-toxic Dishwashing Liquid concentrate can wash up to 5x more plates than ordinary dishwashing liquid. While it effectively removes tough and oily stains, it is also readily biodegradable. On top of that, it is produced with phthalate-free fragrances – Lemongrass & Green Tea, Lavender & Bergamot

Here are 2 main dishwashing tips to complement bio-home’s eco-friendly Dishwashing Liquid:

  1. When hand washing dishes, you only need a thin layer of suds or foam to cover the top of the water. Anything exceeding that would be a waste of money and detrimental to the environment.
  2. Ensure that you make the most of your bottle of dishwashing liquid. When the liquid is depleting, add some warm water enough for a couple of more washes, and shake vigorously.

Small, thoughtful and conscious gestures like this, daily, go a long way in minimising the negative footprints on our environment.