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Charge your phone with a plant

Does charging your phone with a plant sounds absurd and impossible?

Well, think again.


A Barcelona company Arkyne Technologies has found a way to turn an ordinary houseplant into a bonafide charging station for your mobile device. Called Bioo Lite, the device harnesses photosynthesis, which converts sunlight into electricity. So how do they do it? maxresdefault


The hidden secret lies beneath the plant, where two smaller pots of bacteria sit, and react with water.

Once the plant begins to turn sunlight into energy, the compounds created in the soil will trickle through a semi-permeable membrane that covers the bacteria pots.


These compounds are then fed upon by the bacteria, which creates electrons in the process and are gathered by a nano-wire network. Then, the electrons are stored in a battery located at the base of the pot, which is attached to an external USB cable.



According to Bioo Lite’s creator’s, the process is so efficient that you can recharge your smartphone up to three times a day or even overnight. Creators also claim that the output is 3.5 volts, roughly similar to power derived from a USB port on a computer. The use of leafy plants is said to provide the optimal amount of charge.


All you have to do is ensure the survival of the plant for the device to function.


Learn more in the video below: