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How to clean your oven with natural ingredients

If you own an oven and unless you don’t cook you’ll have used that at least once. Baking and roasting can easily be done with an oven, but the build-up over the years can result in a sticky black grime that is nearly impossible to remove. Here are some of your options: you can buy cleaning solutions to spray your oven, but they might contain chemicals you don’t want near your food.

This method will allow you to clean your oven naturally with ingredients readily available at home. Best part, it’s not toxic or harmful.


Here are the ingredients and supplies you’ll need:

Baking soda


White vinegar

Rubber gloves

Damp dishcloth

Plastic spatula

Spray bottle


Remove oven racks.


This includes the racks, pizza stone or oven thermometer. Set it aside.

Make the paste.


Grab a small bowl. Mix in ½ cup baking soda and a few teaspoons of water. Adjust the ratio accordingly until you get a paste of spreadable consistency.

Coat your oven. Use the paste above and spread it all over the oven. Do not spread it on the heating elements. If your oven is extremely grimy, you might want to wear rubber gloves. Target all the corners and firmly rub it in. The soda will turn brownish as you rub it in, but try to coat the whole oven, especially the greasy areas.

Leave overnight. Let the mixture rest for around 12 hours so it can be properly absorbed.

Clean the oven racks. After dealing with the interior of the oven, you can start cleaning the racks. Check out the instructions here.

Wipe the oven. The next day, take a dishcloth – preferably an old one. Wet it and start wiping out as much of the paste as possible. A plastic spatula can be used to scrape off the other parts if needed.

Spray vinegar. For places where there is still baking soda residue, put some vinegar into a spray bottle and target the areas. Both ingredients will react and start foaming.

Final wipe. Use the wet cloth to wipe away the now foamy mixture. Repeat until all residue is gone and continuously add water or vinegar while wiping to clean out the oven.

Replace the racks. And you’re done!