Cleaning Tip: How To Clean Your Bedsheets

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Cleaning Tip: How To Clean Your Bedsheets

Cleaning your bedsheets is not as tedious as cleaning your mattress. However, it is especially important for you to pay close attention to the washing instructions on your blankets, sheets, and pillowcases so as not to shrink or damage your bedding.

How to Clean Your Bedding

You can pre-treat spots or stains on your bedding with a multi-purpose cleaner by bio-home. It’s rinse-free and chemical-safe. Throw it into the washer after 5 to 10 minutes to being your wash.

If your family members have sensitive skin, consider using the delicate liquid laundry detergent by bio-home.

Do not wash your sheets in hot water as the stain will be permanently set in.

For duvets, quilts, and comforters, use a washer that is large enough to allow adequate movement. If you are like most of us who do not have such washer, send it to a professional laundry cleaner.

Remember to wash your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week, and your duvet or blanket about once a month.

Now that you have clean your bedsheet, find out how to clean your mattress here.

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