Easy Ways to Clean Your Fridge Without Chemicals

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Easy Ways to Clean Your Fridge Without Chemicals

When it comes to kitchen cleaning, using natural products is so important. Your fridge contains the food you and your family eat, so the last thing you want is nasty chemicals seeping into your food. Here’s how to safely care for your fridge without using chemicals.

What you need

Cleaning the fridge doesn’t have to be a huge chore. All you need is a bin, rubber gloves, a cooler, chemical-free cleaning products and a rag. Check out bio-home’s Multi-Surface Cleaner – it’s non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% plant-based, meaning it’s good for the environment and your health. Plus it’s dermatologically tested to ensure it protects your skin from irritation.

The steps

You should be regularly cleaning out old food to avoid bad smells, spills and mould caused by expired food and drink products. It’s best to get into a habit of reviewing the contents of your fridge at the end of each week, and cleaning out anything past its used-by date. The more regularly you do this, the easier cleaning your fridge will be.

1. Remove all contents

It can be very tempting to just ‘clean around’ the items in your fridge to save time. Resist this urge and make sure you completely empty the fridge before you starting cleaning. You can remove everything at once, but an easier option is to work in sections so nothing is sitting out for too long. This is also a good chance to see all the food and decide what needs to be thrown out.

Here’s where the cooler comes in handy. Perishable items like dairy products, raw meats and chicken need to be stored in a cooler while you’re cleaning.

If your fridge hasn’t been cleaned in a while, then it’s likely that the contents of the fridge will be less than pristine. So make sure you wipe down all the jars and bottles as you remove them from the fridge.

2. Clean the inside

If your fridge has removable drawers, door inserts and shelves, start by taking them out. Once your gloves are on, use your chemical-free cleaner to spray the walls, floor and roof of your fridge. Next, wipe down with the rag. If you don’t have chemical-free cleaner, a good home remedy is to mix a solution of vinegar and water.

Before putting the removables back in the fridge, make sure to clean them too. If they can’t fit into the kitchen sink, you might have to wash them in the bathtub, or even outside with a hose. Make sure you use your chemical-free cleaner or home-made solution to wash all the parts, and dry before putting them back into the fridge. If you have a particularly stubborn stains or spills, try using a microfiber cloth instead of a rag.

Close the doors and wipe down the outside surface of the fridge in the same manner. You’d’ be surprised how many germs are lurking on the door handle. And don’t forget to clean the seal of the fridge door! This area is really easy to miss and if you’ve never cleaned it before, it might take some time on the first go.

3. Return contents

Make sure your drawers and other removeable parts are totally dry before you return them to the fridge. Once they’re in, give the contents of the fridge another wipe down with warm water and a cloth, ensure all lids are tightly secured to avoid leaks and put them back into the fridge.

Prevention is the best cure

The best way to keep a fridge clean is to prevent spills and stains in the first place. Wrapped meat or fish should be placed on a plate, or in a container, and stored on the lowest shelf to prevent dripping. Dairy products should be placed securely, deep on the shelves, rather than the door to ensure the temperature is stable. Eggs should also be stored securely to avoid the risk of them cracking.

Keeping your fridge happy and healthy

A clean fridge means the food your family eat is safe. Regularly removing all the contents of your fridge and doing a thorough clean will help keep your family healthy. For more advice about cleaning your fridge, check out this article.

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