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The most efficient way to pack your luggage

It’s the time of the year to travel again, and you’re faced with a daunting challenge: how to get everything to fit into your luggage. If you think it’s a no-brainer, think about your return trip where you have to pack whatever you brought plus everything else you bought. That’s right, knowing how to pack your luggage is an essential life-hack no one ever taught you.


Here are a few steps to keep in mind for easy packing.

Don’t overpack. Gather all the clothes you think you’ll need, before planning your outfit for each day. If it’s a short trip, that makes it easier. If you’re planning a longer trip, try to find a place with laundry services to reduce your load. This should help you get rid of any excess clothing.


Roll them up. Clothes like your t-shirts, cotton pants and jeans should be rolled tightly and placed at the bottom of your luggage.


Folded items go on top. Shirts and pants that require ironing should be folded nicely and placed at the top to prevent them from becoming too crumpled.

Layer longer items of clothing. Long pants and skirts can be folded in half and laid over the length of your luggage over the rest of the clothing to save space.

Tip: choose some bulkier items to wear to the airport. That way, you can save space in your luggage.

Use all the small pockets of space. In between your rolled up clothes, there will be space to squeeze in items like your undergarments and socks.

Make use of the perimeter of the suitcase to keep your belts.

Pick the right shoes. Don’t try to match every outfit with a different shoe; it’s not going to work out that way. Find three different pairs – one casual, sneakers and an evening shoe. They should be flexible enough for different occasions and able to match your clothes. Out of these, wear the heaviest one to the airport and seal the others in bags to pack into your suitcase.


Pack any jewellery. If you need accessories, stow them in a small mint box so they won’t be loose. Wear any expensive ones to prevent it from getting lost or stolen en route.


Happy packing and enjoy your trip!