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How to Get Rid of Dust and Odours

Dust and odours plague every household, making cleaning seem like an endless task, but with the appropriate equipment and cleaning strategies, you can achieve the healthy, pleasant-smelling and allergy-free environment that you’ve always wanted!



Dust often leads to odours. Hence, cleaning dust will help to get rid of odours as well. Here are some useful cleaning tips that you can try on various household items and surfaces.


Shelves and Hard Surfaces

Dry dusting often sends dust flying into the air, making your efforts pointless. Thus, to fully capitalize on your efforts, use a damp duster or cloth instead of the dry one, as it is more effective in trapping the dust, rather than pushing it around. Also, to prevent dust from dispersing back into the air, use an ostrich feather duster instead of a regular one. Ostrich feathers produce an electric charge, attracting the dust instead of sending it flying.


Wallpaper and paintwork

A dry rubber sponge, dusters and a mild cleaning agent will be sufficiently effective in removing dust from your wallpaper and paintworks.


Rugs and Carpets

vacuum cleaner


The best equipment to effectively and efficiently remove dust from rugs and carpets will be a vacuum cleaner. We recommend that you vacuum after dusting instead of vice versa to ensure all loose dust and dirt be removed.


Curtains and Upholstery

Set your vacuum on low and gently drag them across surfaces.


Hard Floors and Vinyl



A wet mop would be the best equipment to remove and prevent dust and mustiness from returning for a longer period.


Hard-to-reach Crevices

Dust that accumulates in nooks and crannies or the crevices of technical equipment are often difficult to reach, making cleaning frustrating. We recommend using air dusters or a compressed gas canister to blast the dust out of crevices first, before cleaning it away.


Adding Fragrance

For an aromatic touch, use a fragrant cleaner to infuse your household with a pleasant smell. Alternatively, you can add fragrant essential oils to damp duster to dust your furniture.


Check out our top tips that will make your cleaning easier!



#1 Declutter

A messy home filled with clutter creates more surfaces for dust to accumulate on. Make sure you declutter your home regularly to make dusting and cleaning a much easier chore!


#2 Best dusting technique



The best way to dust is from top to bottom.


#3 Vacuum after dusting

This way, you can ensure that all loose dirt and dust is effectively removed.


#4 Ventilation



Open the windows for at least 10 minutes per day to allow for ventilation. This will help to remove odours and mustiness from the room.



Strategies that help to prevent dust and odours will help to reduce the frequency of cleaning. Here are some tips:

Open Windows

Leave the windows open as frequently as you can to purify the air. This can help to prevent dust and remove odours.


Air Purifying System

Consider using air purifying systems if you are unable to leave your windows open. However, this would only be effective if the systems are present in every room.


Changing Filters

Cleaning air conditioner filters


Change the filters in your ventilation, air-conditioning or heating system every once in awhile as they accumulate dust over time. If left unchanged, dust may frequently be dispersed into the air.


Extractor Fan

Consider installing an extractor fan when cooking or using the bathroom to remove grease, dust and odours from indoors and expelling them outside.


Wash Fabric Household Items and Furniture

For carpets, either shampoo them regularly or have a professional come and steam them to prevent odour from building up.

Deodorise curtains and soft furnishing weekly with a fabric-cleaning agent. If fabrics can be detached, either throw them into the washing machine to get rid of the dust or have them dry-cleaned every once in awhile.


Replacing Odour Prone Furniture

Fabric upholstery and carpets are prone to odour. Consider replacing fabric upholstery with a leather one, install hard flooring instead of carpet, or replacing curtains with blinds.


Change your Bedding

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Change your bedding weekly or use a hypoallergenic mattress cover to reduce the chances of dust-mites


Throw your rubbish out

Dispose of your garbage whenever you can to prevent odour from building up.