How to Have a Hassle-Free Festive Family Meal at Home

How to Have a Hassle-Free Festive Family Meal at Home

‘Tis the season to be jolly – but sometimes the stress of hosting friends & family over the holidays can make it difficult! Preparing a festive family meal that’s hassle-free and stress-free may sound like a big task but we’re here to tell you that it can be done! If you’re planning to host a family dinner over the holiday season, the following tips will provide you with some strategies to help you manage important household tasks, organize your party planning as well as to keep your home clean amidst all the chaos!

1. Don’t invite more people than you can handle

Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean you have to invite the whole family! Keep things manageable by inviting immediate family or your closest friends. If you know of a family member or friend who will be alone during the holidays, invite them too – it is the holiday season, after all! The most important thing is to not feel obliged to invite every single person you know – the more isn’t always the merrier, especially when you’re playing host!

2. Ask guests to BYO dish or order takeaway

You’re not cheating your way out of a festive dinner if you ask someone to bring a side dish! Having guests bring their favourite dish or platter can be a fun way to try new meals and to bring everyone together. Alternatively, if you really don’t have time to cook an entire three-course meal, why not order in? Not only does it take time off your hands, it can also let you spend more time relaxing and catching up with family rather than stressing out in the kitchen!

3. Quickly clean before the party

Ideally, cleaning a few days before the party will give you plenty of time to get the house spick and span. If you haven’t got a lot of time or are faced with a dreaded last-minute clean, learn how to do it quickly! Focus your cleaning efforts on the immediate area where you’ll be hosting your guests. Vacuum and mop the kitchen and dining room floor, get rid of any grubby marks on cupboards or the fridge, throw a decorative tablecloth on the dining table and spritz some natural air freshener to make the room smell clean. And don’t forget the bathroom! Check out our Speed Cleaning Hacks that will help you to clean your home in no time!

4. Minimise waste by keeping decorations simple

While party decorations look impressive, it’s a lot of paper & plastic waste left-over for just one night of entertaining. Not to mention it takes time and methodical planning to decorate the home! Choose sustainable decorations that can be saved and used again. Paper plates and plastic utensils generate a ton of waste, but we know washing a house-full of dishes isn’t how you want to be spending the night either! Instead, opt for eco-friendly dinner sets that are compostable and renewable. Popular choices are plates and bowls made from sugarcane pulp or bamboo, and wooden cutlery or paper straws.

5. Managing mess during the party

Now that the guests are here and enjoying the party, the mess will begin to accumulate. Plates with half-eaten food left on countertops, an overflowing bin, utensils scattered haphazardly on the table, with the fun comes chaos! Keep the mess under control by keeping food to a designated area or where you want the people to be. This keeps the mess at least somewhat under control and leaves you room to gather your sanity without hovering guests! Empty trash cans when you notice them getting full, tidy up and dispose of plates when people have finished eating, check the toilet to monitor cleanliness and spray-and-wipe on the go with a natural, non-toxic multisurface cleaner.

6. Have an emergency spill-kit handy

Spills are almost guaranteed when you have a lot of guests over – especially when there are children and little ones getting involved in the festive cheer! Prepare for unexpected spills and mess by having your cleaning toolkit handy.

7. Start the cleanup early

While you’re most likely feeling worn out by the time guests leave, using this time to clean remaining mess means you’ll have one less chore to do the next day. After enjoying your meal start to stack any dirty dishes in the sink and throw out any disposable cups or dinner sets after they’ve been used. Before you wish them goodnight, send your guests home with leftovers in containers that have been cluttering up your closet – it’s a perfect way to reduce food waste and free up some space!

8. Enjoy yourself!

While playing host might mean you’re too busy to really sit back and relax, enjoy yourself! Soak in the festive atmosphere and rejoice in the knowledge that all the people you love and care about are under one roof enjoying the holiday season together!

Tackle leftover mess with ease

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