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How to remove glue stains

Glue is an exceptionally useful product, especially if you’re into DIY projects. However, getting glue on unwanted surfaces can leave a sticky and unsightly mess. But worry not, as glue is not as hard to remove as one thinks, and you can do so by following some of our tips on how to remove glue from wood, plastic and glass.

Before we start, we do recommend that you test these methods on an inconspicuous spot first if you’re worried about discolouring or damaging the surface.


Removing Glue from Wood

Gorilla Super Glue Application Shot - Toy


For untreated wood, simply take a piece of sandpaper and gently sand the dry glue away. However, as most household items tend to be made of treated wood with a varnished surface, we would recommend that you leave petroleum jelly on the glue patch overnight to loosen the glue’s bond, before wiping the residue off and giving the wood a polish.


Removing Glue from Plastic

We have 3 different ways for you to remove glue from plastic.

First Method

Soak a piece of cloth in oil or moisturiser and apply it to the glue patch to be absorbed. Finish off by wiping the surface with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Second Method

In a rush? Take a piece of make-up wipe and apply it on the glue patch in a circular motion. It should be sufficient to weaken the bonds to remove the glue residue

Third Method

If the glue has hardened, try using a tool with a thin flat surface to gently scrape the glue off. However, if you’re still afraid of leaving scratch marks on a plastic surface, fear not, you can remove the glue residue by soaking it in vinegar before rinsing it off.


Removing Glue from Glass



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Soak them in warm water mixed with a bit of Vim before gently scrubbing the stickers off with a scouring pad so as to not scratch the glass surface. For stubborn spots, try applying copious amounts of oil or petroleum jelly. If that doesn’t, work, try wiping the surface with some acetone or alcohol-based nail varnish remover in an open area.


Removing harden glue from glass surfaces

We recommend scraping the harden glue off with a scraper. However, if the stain is stubborn, apply vinegar, nail varnish remover, oil or petroleum jelly onto the glue patch to weaken the glue’s bond, before using the scraper again.

If the glue stain still doesn’t budge, then we recommend a simple yet effective method—soaking the patch with boiling water, before scraping the glue off afterwards. Do take safety precautions when using this method!


Removing Glue without Chemicals



Still worried about damaging or discolouring surfaces by using products and chemicals? Fret not, as heat may be able to save the day. Try applying heat directly onto the surface with a hair dryer, boiling water or leaving it under the hot sun, before scraping the glue off. Do take note of the heat resistance of the surface; we definitely would not recommend pouring boiling water on plastic!