Biohomecares - How to remove grease stains from clothes

How to Remove Grease Stains from Clothes

Getting grease on your clothing is a laundry hassle and may seem like the most troublesome a task to clean. Fret not! Removing greasy stains is a simple process. Oily substances like grease can be broken down with detergent.

Note: Ensure that you check the washing instructions for your clothes. You can test your detergent on a hidden area of the fabric to make sure that it will not discolour or ruin your clothes.

Products to Remove Greasy Stains:

Laundry detergent

Step 1: Apply a liquid laundry detergent to the stain and rub gently. You can use bio-home for effective washing results. It’s gentle on the skin too!

Step 2: Check the label on your clothes to select the hottest temperature in your washer.

Step 3: Wash it in your washing machine as per normal. Make sure the stain is completely removed before drying. If it’s not removed, repeat the process from Step 1.


Dishwashing detergent

For really stubborn stains, you can use a dishwashing liquid.


Lay out the garment and cover the stain with a diluted solution of a dishwashing liquid. bio-home has a dishwashing liquid made from plant-based ingredients which are also effective in removing tough and oily stains.

Using your fingers and gently massage the dishwashing liquid into the stained area of the fabric. You will see the stain dissolving almost immediately.

Rinse the dishwashing liquid off, and wash normally with your laundry detergent.

gently work the detergent into the fabric. You will see the stain begin to dissolve almost immediately, as most dishwashing detergents can absorb grease directly.

Rinse the washing up liquid off, and wash normally with laundry detergent.