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Ingenious Floating Trash Bag To Rid The Ocean Of Plastic Waste

Two surfers from Australia has found a way to rid the world’s oceans of plastic waste. It’s aptly called, the Seabin project.


Frustrated with the water quality where they surf, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, decided to embark on a project to eradicate the pollutants and solid waste from the oceans. They created a water filtering system that was originally designed for contained environments like marinas and ports. What this system does is that it sucks up surrounding debris within its proximity. It can even remove oil from seawater!

How does Seabin work?

The Seabin is installed on a dock which is connected to a water pump on-shore. The rim of the Seabin sits even with the surface of the water and the pump sucks water into the bin, using the currents to their advantage to pull in surrounding trash. The catch bag installed in the Seabin is made from natural fiber and it filters out the debris from the water. The filtered water is then pumped through an oil-water separator, before being released into the ocean.

The team currently has developed a functioning prototype and is currently raising funds through their campaign on Indiegogo to bring it to commercial production.

See project details here: The Seabin Project