How To Keep Floors Looking Clean When You Have Kids

How To Keep Floors Looking Clean When You Have Kids

With kids at home, you’ll find that there’s always something on the floors that don’t belong there. From toys to crumbs and spills and stains – if you have a crawling baby or active toddler, you’ll know the struggle to keep surfaces clean.

The exercise of cleaning floors not only keeps your home fresh but also keeps the health of your children in check. You want your kids to move around on surfaces that are clean and toxic-free.

With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to tackling sticky, smelly or grubby messes left on floors by children. With the right tools and products, you can have your surfaces looking clean again in no time.

Stop dirt from entering the house

Most of the dirt, mud, and grass that ends up in your house usually comes from shoes being walked inside. One of the easiest ways to stop this dirt entering the house is by getting your kids to take off their shoes before entering.

Another easy hack to keeping dirt from being walked-in is by placing a doormat at the main entrance. That way, kids and visitors can give their shoes a wipe on the mat before entering, minimizing dirty floors. Doormats are also a good way to minimize slip hazards.

Limit food to certain areas

If you’re tired of picking up half-eaten snacks or stuck-in foods from the floor, try limiting snacking to designated zones. Kids are known to walk around the house while snacking, leaving a trail of crumbs behind. To stop food crumbs, drink spills, and sticky messes from spreading, have kids consume food and drinks at the dining table. For special treats or snacks throughout the day, encourage them to eat outside.

Clean high-traffic areas

If you’re time-poor and can’t do a clean of all the surfaces in your home, then stick to cleaning floors in high-traffic areas. Places like the kitchen, dining room and living room tend to accumulate the most floor mess. Sticking to these areas during your daily clean keeps these surface areas safe and mess-free and can give the appearance of an overall clean home. You can then do a deep clean of the rest of your surfaces once or twice a week.

Spot clean daily

After meal times, do a quick sweep of the dining area for any messes that need cleaning. Spot cleaning daily means you don’t have to deep clean as often. It’s also a great way to take care of messes before they end up staining surfaces and require extra scrubbing. One swift scan of the room can save that rogue blueberry from getting squashed into carpets or muddy shoes creating stains on hardwood floors. Whenever these messes do occur, act on it immediately by wiping clean with bio-home Floor Cleaner.

Sweep and mop floors

Sweeping hard floors and mopping surfaces will prevent any dirt from causing scratches and will keep your floors lasting longer. Kids can be notorious for accidental spills. This can lead to unwanted and unpleasant smells. If you have a baby, mopping up under their high chair after every meal can collect any dropped food or liquids that may have gone unnoticed. For mopping of high traffic areas, it’s best to do it when the kids are at school or when they are sleeping. Wet surfaces can be a slip hazard, especially for little ones but bio-home Floor Cleaner has a quick-dry benefit. Made from 100% plant-based active ingredients, bio-home Floor Cleaner will give you a peace of mind when your kids crawl and play on the floor.

Teach your toddler to help

Another great way to enlist extra help and spend more bonding time with the kids is to have them help you clean! Teaching your toddler to clean up after themselves or having them join you in sweeping or mopping floors can be a fun exercise in responsibility. Little prompts such as teaching your child to put away toys after play can keep your floors tidy and hazard-free.

Keep your floors clean, naturally

Keeping your floors clean when you have kids is essential for their wellbeing. Not only does a clean floor keep your house looking fresh but it also makes it a safe area for your kids to play in. Using a non-toxic floor cleaner like bio-home Floor Cleaner effectively cleans your floors while being baby-safe. The 100% plant-based active ingredients won’t irritate skin and can be used on all floor surfaces for a happy and healthy home.