BioHomeCares - A quick way to keep your home tidy

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Are you a naturally untidy person? When people ask how you can live in such pigsty, you argue that everything is exactly where it’s meant to be. You can’t fool yourself for long, though, when you know it’s time to clean, the task seems to be never-ending. Here are some tips to keep your house from becoming too messy.

Remove excess.


If you don’t keep track of your belongings, they can soon clutter and take up space in your home. When you don’t have a place for things, they can end up floating around the house and making every room feel messy. Get rid of the mentality that every object will come in useful someday and you have to “save it”. Making a point to throw away anything that is not needed can save space and time in the long run.

Assign places.


After getting rid of the extras, it’s time to assign fixed place for everything. You can simplify this by organising like items together, such as placing remotes and magazines on shelves in the living room, and using hooks to hang wallets and keys.

Clean on the go.


Does your toilet look dirty to you? Or is that a stain on your kitchen wall? Cleaning them off straightaway prevents them from accumulating, and you can keep your home clean with a shorter time.

Divide and conquer.


Living with someone or your family? Set a mandatory period in the evening to declutter your home. Pick up the day’s mess and throw away any rubbish. Having more hands shortens the process, and it’s even better with the company.

Cut down on paper.

Apart from the obvious environmental reasons, reducing your use of paper can result in an astounding change. Instead of having loose pieces of receipts flying around, switching to online banking and accounting can save much more space. Consider buying a magazine rack to consolidate any loose pieces.

Make your bed.


If you don’t have a habit of doing this, it can be quite hard to begin. Think instead of the benefits: it takes less than five minutes, and can instantly transform a messy room to a neat one. It also helps set a tone for your day, making you more likely to be tidy.

Create your routines


This is an underrated but extremely useful way to keep your home neat and clean. Set your priorities and create your routine that caters to you. Pick a place in your house that you cannot stand untidy and start from there. Maybe establish a routine so you will never have the previous day’s dirty plates. Start small and in time; you’ll become a pro at keeping your place tidy.

Keep your clothes every night


Once you’ve changed into pyjamas, gather your clean clothes and keep them in your cupboard. Finish by placing any dirty clothes into the washing basket. Doing this every day will cultivate a great habit and it means waking up to a cleaner, tidier room in the morning. It guarantees a great start to your day.

Don’t leave dirty plates in the sink


It might not be the best task, but washing 3 plates at once is way better than having 15 plates that need a long soak. Procrastinating on your chores will result in it becoming time-consuming and incredibly daunting. Save yourself from the future trouble and wash your dishes immediately.

Do laundry every day


Washing once every morning or after work will keep the process short and sweet. Imagine having to do a week’s worth of laundry; you’ll be spending way more time and might run out of things to wear. Bio-home’s Natural laundry detergent is a great, environmentally friendly detergent that’s sure to keep your clothes clean! For a Complete Guide on efficient and effective laundry habits, visit the link.

Make it a combined effort


If you live with family or roommates, you might resent having to do all the tidying up. Assigning and dividing the chores between everyone will make life easier for everyone. It will minimise the amount of tidying needed by everyone, and you’ll have a cleaner house in no time!

Here you have it, simple tips to keep your home clean and tidy. You’ll be thankful when you get back to an apartment where you can chill without a mess.