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How to reduce the heat in your homes without aircon

The heat can be unbearable at times, and our favourite habit is turning on the aircon to achieve some blessed relief. Considering the environmental benefits, however, regularly using the aircon not only increases your electricity bills but has negative consequences to our environment. Here are some other options you can consider when dealing with the heat.

Using windows

It shouldn’t be your first instinct to close the windows when it’s hot outside. Opening them can let some air in and refresh the place. The best is if you can install windows with double-pane insulated glass.

Use plants

If you have a garden, plant more trees to bring shade. Having plants can also provide relief from the creeping heat. Placing small plants in your rooms can also cool the place down naturally.

Use lighter colour paints

Consider using lighter colours in your rooms as it reflects UV rays rather than absorb them like dark colours.

Install blinds or shutters

Open glass windows can heat up your place as sun rays can penetrate through totally. Install blinds to keep the sun out and offer some shade and ventilation.

Close drapes

Use a light coloured fabric to reflect sun rays for your drapes. Leave them close during the hottest times of the day.

Unplug electronics

You might not realise it, but electronic appliances like TVs and computers generate heat. Larger appliances should be left unplugged when not in use.


Your pillows might be the one heating you up at night. Use buckwheat pillows as they do not absorb heat like cotton and down pillows. This can contribute to helping you feel cool during hot nights.

Wet sheets

Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window. Any breeze that comes in will help to cool down the temperature of the entire room.

Use ice

This is a cheaper solution to aircon. Place a block of ice in a shallow pan in front of an open window. This will create mist and help cool the room down.

Change your bed linens

Your bedsheets might be the cause of your heat. Use lightweight cotton sheets as they are breathable and can help promote air flow and ventilation in your bedroom.

Hopefully you’ll start to feel cooler after using these simple and cheap methods. All the best in tackling the heat!