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How to remove bird dropping stains

Are bird droppings really as lucky as people say? Maybe not as much when it lands on your best suit or your favourite blouse. Follow this guide to learn how to tackle these stains.

General directions

Using a disposable knife or paper towels, gently scrape off as much as possible. Then, follow the instructions below for specific fabrics.

Washable fabrics

The good news is that bird dropping stains usually come off in a regular machine-wash. However, if they do not, try soaking the fabric in an oxygen-based and colour-safe bleaching solution. Make sure you check your garment’s care label first and follow the directions of the bleach manufacturer.

Canvas and awnings

Allow the stain to dry thoroughly before removing the first with a stiff brush. If the stain remains, dip the brush in a solution of washing detergent and apply it to the affected area. Rinse off the area afterwards.