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How to remove scratches from your walls

Do you have black marks on your walls? A simple test to tell if they are scuff or scratch marks will be by feeling them. If the marks are rough to the touch and your nails get caught under the paint, highly likely the paint surface is scratched. Follow the steps to get rid of such marks.


Here are some items you need to get rid of this.

Fine sandpaper

Fresh paint matching your existing colour

Paint brush

Soft cloth

If your furniture has caused a groove in your wall, you will need to smooth the area and repaint it.

Use a small piece of sandpaper to smooth lightly over the scratched area

Continue to sand the existing paint away until you have removed the scratch entirely and the area is smooth

Use a cloth to wipe the area down to remove dust and other residues.

Lightly paint over the area and fill up the empty spot previously removed.

Let the coat of paint dry before touching it or placing furniture near it.

Some additional tips:

Remember to protect your floors with old newspaper to prevent any paint from dripping there.