BioHomeCares - Simple ways you can recycle at home

Simple ways you can start recycling at home

As we all know, land is finite. Humans are now generating about 1.2kg of waste per person. Multiply that with the 3 billion residents, you get a staggering amount of waste and not enough space to dump them. Here are some ways we can contribute to helping the Earth and making it a better place to live.


Reusing all your everyday items.

Things like plastic bags can be reused for groceries or as bin bags around your house.

Reuse jars and pots by washing them and using it as small containers to store random small items.


Old clothes can be cut up and used as rags for cleaning or cushion covers.

Newspaper can be useful for packing or even to clean windows as they are made of glass.


Old electrical equipment can be given to schools or community centres for others to use.

Scrap paper can be reused for notes and sketches. Using both sides of the paper maximises its space.


Donating any clothes that are too small can help many people and reduce wastage

With these little tips, you can add on when depending on your lifestyle and needs. Remember that every little effort counts, so don’t doubt your contributions.