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Smart gardening – growing plants at home with minimal effort

Want to have a garden, but there is just no space? Or maybe you have a garden, but don’t possess green fingers to keep those plants alive. Kickstarter saw a new project that will solve all these issues.

Introducing Click & Grow smart garden, it allows you to grow plants with the least effort possible. Best part about it? Your plants will still grow healthily and peacefully. The garden tells you when to water the plants, taking away any possible doubts you might have about the watering schedule.

The Click & Grow smart garden comes with a plastic tank to fill with water, a cover and plant capsules. This will contain seeds and “smart soil”, filled with nutrients designed to keep the soil pH balanced.

There is an adjustable LED lamp that needs to be plugged in, after which it will shine for 16 hours a day, enhancing plant growth. The light can become quite bright, and it flashes whenever the water level goes down.

There is an app for both iOS and Android, sending you notifications whenever it’s time to water, as well as gardening tips. Watch the video below to see how it works and check out their website for prices.