Speed Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Floors Clean In No Time

Speed Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Floors Clean In No Time

Cleaning the house is a fact of life, and for many of us, it represents a boring chore we wish we didn’t have to do! But it doesn’t have to be boring or hard work. When it comes to cleaning floors, the quickest way is the way that gets you back doing the activities you love sooner! Forget tireless hours scrubbing on your hands and knees. This guide includes creative ways you can make cleaning a fun and quick chore instead of something to dread. So keep reading to learn how to make your floors look clean and spotless in no time with our best cleaning tips.

How to quickly clean floors

The floors of a house often require more frequent attention since they attract a lot of foot traffic. From outdoor shoes to dirty paw prints and accumulating dust, a dirty floor is not only unsightly but it can also be unhealthy. If you have young children, they are at risk of coming into contact with hair and debris as they play or crawl along unclean floors.

Unfortunately, cleaning the floors can become tiresome and time-consuming. The trick to cleaning floors quickly, while still giving a proper clean to get rid of all allergens, is to be prepared.

Here are some fast and efficient ways to clean the floors of your home:

  • Clear away objects – By putting all objects out of the way, you’re able to zoom through with your vacuum or broom without having to reshuffle or move things as you’re going along.
  • Keep a broom and dustpan handy – Having a broom and a dustpan in a central spot such as your kitchen will make it easier to grab as you need it.
  • Have a routine – Routine cleaning (daily, weekly or fortnightly) makes it easier to keep floors clean in the long run, by lessening the need for you to use more heavy-duty cleaning. Create a schedule for sweeping, mopping and vacuuming.

Fun ways to time yourself and make cleaning fun

Make cleaning fun by taking away the drudgery and replacing it with a few techniques to ignite joy and spark some motivation. Here are just a few fun ways to time yourself as you clean and to make cleaning the floors a joyful experience instead of a dreadful one.

1. Play music

We’re lucky to live in an age of technology, especially when it comes to the housecleaning! With Bluetooth, home assistance gadgets and smart TVs, you can easily turn up the entertainment factor when it’s time for your daily clean. Music is an incredible motivator and can help you to feel more energetic!

Make use of it by making your own cleaning playlist on your phone or home entertainment system and put it on when it’s time to clean! Fill it up with all your favourite songs and dance away as you mop and sweep!

2. Time yourself

You’ll be less likely to drag your feet when you’re racing against the stopwatch! Timing yourself can be a good way to break up the drudgery as you clean and can actually help to spur you on and you may even find yourself competing to beat your personal time with each session. So set the egg timer when you do your chores!

3. Distract yourself

You can also play your favourite movie on the TV to glance at as you clean or, if you’re great at multi-skilling, you can even phone up a friend for a good chat. Put them on the loudspeaker and go about your business – you’ll be surprised at how quickly time seems to fly even when you’re cleaning!

4. Make it your workout

Did you know cleaning burns calories? As you clean, you’re keeping your strength and aerobic fitness up by keeping on your feet, lifting objects and pushing vacuums and mops. Consider wearing a heart or fitness tracker to see how many calories you burn or the average steps you take. Then the next time you clean, you can try and break your previous record.

Tools & products needed to clean the floors

The speed of your clean is largely dependent on the ease and effectiveness of the tools you use. That dirty old sponge may have served you well, but it isn’t going to aid in a quick clean. Instead, consider some of these tools and products to halve your cleaning time and make it more enjoyable.

Use the right floor cleaner

Using a quality floor cleaner is one of the most effective ways to ensure a quick and easy clean. For the sake of your family’s health, make sure that you use a non-toxic floor cleaner such as bio-home’s floor cleaner.

Sweep regularly

Keep your floors fresh in-between cleans by sweeping regularly with a proper indoor broom. Sweep at least once a week to remove any dust and loose dirt. If you choose to, it is a good idea to briefly sweep the floor after use. This is a proven way to help keep your flooring at it’s best shape and this simple tool can save you from having to vacuum too regularly.

Keeping your home naturally fresh with bio-home

These are just some of the ways you can make cleaning floors fun and fast. Instead of approaching cleaning as a chore, try and find creative ways to make it an enjoyable task. Using the correct tools and products also ensures that your floors remain sparkling and smelling fresh in-between cleans while keeping the entire family safe.

Take care of your health and your home by using a natural, PH-balanced cleaner like the bio-home floor cleaner on your home’s surfaces makes cleaning floors easy.