BioHomes - Things to do before moving into a new home

Things to do before moving into a new home

You finally got your dream home! Now all you need is to move everything safely out your old home, and into the new one. That is easier said than done. What are you going to do with the years of accumulated junk? Moving can be an exciting process, but not getting ready for it can result in lots of unnecessary problems and stressful situations. Below is a list of things you should do before doing any moving.


Clean your new place.


If you’re moving into a new flat that is just renovated, make sure any residue or dust is cleaned before bringing in your furniture. A newly renovated home can be dusty and dirty so make sure to sweep and mop up before doing anything else. If you’re moving into a used home, check to see if the house is cleaned. While some owners might clean it for you, others won’t. You can easily do it yourself with the right supplies – buckets, brooms, mops, vacuum cleaner and cleaning solutions. Washing and cleaning every surface of the house will make you feel good about moving in, and it will be a good experience.

Paint all the walls and ceilings.


Unlike cleaning, painting can be a real challenge if you aren’t used to it. It can be time consuming, so hire professionals to do it. The best thing about hiring professionals is that they include services such as fixing up any holes or cracks in the walls.

In selecting wall colours, consider what might look best and don’t overdo it. One or two neutral colours are best in the long run.

Install shelving. Some new units come with closet space, but that’s about it. You need shelves for books and other items. This will make your home more livable and easier to unpack after moving in. think further on where you’re going to place everything and start preparing, it’ll relieve some stress when you move in.

Take note of where wall switches are. For new houses this won’t be much of a problem, but old houses might have dirty or discoloured wall plates that need replacing. Consider changing these to make your home feel newer and cleaner. If you are not comfortable working with electricity, ask a relative or handyman for help.



A new flat will require installing air conditioners. Likely you’ll want to have at least one in each room. Note that you’ll need to factor in air-con piping as well. Get a local contractor to take a look and plan out appropriate places to install your air-conditioning unit.

For places with pre-existing units, you can either keep them or change them entirely. If it’s an older home and the air-con doesn’t look like it’ll last, it’s better to change now and prevent any future complications. Ask around for reputable contractors and get it set up before moving in.

Apart from the above, there are other things to consider, such as moving boxes, contractors, and furniture. Regardless, it’s best to settle the issues mentioned above to ease the entire process.