What are the other uses of laundry detergent?

One way to reduce our household expenses is to reduce the number of household staple products that we use. When it comes to cleaning products, there can be overlapping functions between one another. So, why should we pay more when we can double up what we already have? The laundry detergent can extend its cleaning power to other aspects of your home needs, believe it or not!

5 Other Uses for Laundry Detergent

Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaner: Mix ¼ cup of liquid detergent with around 15-18 litres of water. Load a spray bottle with the solution and store the rest in a bucket to be used as refills. The detergent can absorb grease and can be applied on kitchen appliances, counter, stove, sinks, floors, bathrooms and more.

Natural Pest Repeller: Living in Singapore, or in most parts of South East Asia, means having to deal with unpleasant bugs and insects. Good news is that these creatures are repelled by soap in general. Your more dilute laundry solution (from point 1) can deter them if you spray them on the windows, floorboard, the cracks in the walls of your house – spots and corners in which they tend to appear. Keep these pests away from your potted plants by spraying the solution on the underside of the leaves.

Stain Remover: If there is an old stain on a piece of rug, carpet or furniture, mix a teaspoon of liquid laundry detergent with an average-sized cup of water. Transfer the concentrated solution into a spray bottle and spray at the specific spot. Wait a couple of minutes, let the solution seep through, and use an old toothbrush to remove the stain, followed by vacuuming away what is left.

Toys Cleaner: Knowing how children are, they can quickly change a new toy into a dirty mess. There are germs and strong chemicals that come into close contact with their skin, and at times, It is hence important to frequently wash their toys to avoid contamination due to poor hygiene. We can either use the same all-purpose spray, or wash the toys all at one go by soaking them into a basin or bathtub of warm water and adding half a cup of liquid laundry detergent. Allow the toys to soak, before rinsing and drying them thoroughly.

Weed and Moss Killer: Sprinkle some powdered detergent on the random moss and weeds that grow in the cracks of the walls of your home, in the driveway, wherever. You will notice that these wild plants will turn brown and wilt away, and you can sweep them away.

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