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Wash your clothes using only energy you generate – Yirego Drumi

Introducing the Yirego Drumi washer. It swaps electricity for foot-powered energy generation. It is similar to another product produced four years ago: the GiraDora – created for use in developing nations without access to electricity. While that did not reach commercial production, Yirego’s Drumi will be available for order.

It was designed with students, cabin-goers, car-campers or just anyone with no access to other washing facilities. The Drumi is compact, at just 56cm tall and requires no electricity.


Given its size, you can only load six to seven pieces of clothing weighing up to 2.3kg into its cylindrical drum. Close it, and add detergent on top then pour in 5 litres of washing water. Step on the pedal continuously for 5 minutes to spin the drum then drain out the water using a push button. Add five more litres of rinsing water then spin for another 5 minutes before removing.


According to Yirego, who is based in Toronto, this machine requires 80% less water and detergent compared to a traditional machine for the same load. And, it’s much quicker.

The size of the Drumi means a smaller load, and honestly isn’t very much. But for those who wash a few clothes a day, this can substantially reduce the amount of electricity and water consumed. It is ideal for washing delicate articles of clothing or a stray piece that did not make it into the wash. Since it requires you to expend energy by stepping on the pedal, it might not be suitable for those who aren’t willing to put in that extra effort.

Watch their pitch below:

The Drumi is undergoing a crowdfunding campaign and is available on Indiegogo or their website at USD$209.