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Zero-waste living: This woman fits 4 years of trash into a small mason jar

Sustainability is the new way of living, and this young woman is literally living the life. Lauren Singer runs a no-waste lifestyle blog that is chock full of simple and attractive tips to help others adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. As a student pursuing a degree in environmental science, she realised how hypocritical she was being when preparing dinner one day. She told HuffPost that “everything in there was packaged in plastic”, which led to her move towards living sustainably. Now, she is able to lead a nearly zero-waste lifestyle.


She started by bringing a re-usable jar to pick up peanut butter from a grocery store that grounds them for you on site, and has since moved on to making her own toothpaste and laundry detergent. After achieving this, she is now trying to spread the message to the masses through her blog “Trash is for Tossers”. There, she provides tips and strategies to switch out common household items for eco-friendly alternatives.


After launching her blog, she started her own business called  Simply Co. after a successful Kickstarter campaign selling “handmade, organic, vegan” laundry detergent. Soon after switching her lifestyle, she is able to store 4 years’ worth of trash into a 16-ounce mason jar. Check out her blog above and make a difference to your life and the earth today!

Some tips:

  1. Replace plastic bags and containers with glass containers, reusable cloth bags and steel lunch kits.
  2. Search for recyclable products like bamboo toothbrushes in paper packaging to reduce your carbon footprint
  3. Keep reusable bags in places like your cars or purses in case you want to pick up something quick from the grocers’.
  4. Use recycled paper for wrapping instead of buying endless rolls of wrapping paper. The outcome can end up looking even cooler.