Bio-home Kitchen Cleaner

  • Rinse-free formula

  • Removes tough grease & grime stains

  • Suitable for kitchen counters, cabinets, sinks and stoves.


Cleaning your kitchen has never been easier thanks to bio-home Kitchen Cleaner. Made from only non-toxic, biodegradable, 100% plant-based active ingredients, bio-home Kitchen Cleaner removes tough grease and grime without the need to rinse.

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That’s right, no need to wipe a second time! Simply spray and wipe with a clean cloth for light stains and with tough stains, spray and leave for 30 seconds before wiping.

Unlike traditional household cleaning products, which contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the environment, bio-home Kitchen Cleaner is made using biodegradable natural ingredients.

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Traditional household cleaning products can also contain potentially toxic ingredients such as ammonia, chlorine, phosphates, butoxyethanol (glycol ethers), perchloroethylene (a potential carcinogen) and fragrances containing phthalates (which have been linked to a range of health issues).

Available in a convenient 500ml recyclable trigger bottle and in a choice of pleasant phthalate-free fragrances including Lemongrass & Green Tea and Lavender & Bergamot, be sure to purchase bio-home Kitchen Cleaner the next time you visit the supermarket.

The bio-home story

Because they aren’t made using harsh chemicals, many people assume that natural cleaning products will not work as well, which is simply not the case. bio-home household care products are made from 100% plant-based active ingredients, and they perform as well – and often better – than traditional household cleaning products.

The bio-home range is kind to the environment and tough on dirt, and the packaging is also fully recyclable.

bio-home products are manufactured by Lam Soon, which is a well known name in South East Asia.

Make bio-home part of your home

Reducing your personal carbon footprint involves doing lots of little things that can one day add up to something big, and choosing natural cleaning products such as bio-home is one small way you and your family can help to make a difference.

When you are cleaning the kitchen, bio-home Kitchen Cleaner provide an effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical-based cleaners. Our products are kind to the skin, contain no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients and are better for the planet, breaking down quickly when released into the environment.

So before you reach for that old familiar cleaning brand, take a moment to stop and ask yourself whether it’s the best thing for your family and for the environment. And if the answer is no, choose bio-home instead when shopping at a Cold StorageFairPriceSheng SiongPrime Supermarket or RedMart near you.