Bio-home Laundry Detergent

  • 3x concentrated

  • Low suds for Front & Top Loaders

  • Indoor-drying suitable

  • Contain Plantmoist – Plantmoist helps to restore and support your skin’s natural moisture barrier, enhancing your clothing comfort.


A pH-neutral formula made from biodegradable, 100% plant-based active ingredients, bio-home Laundry Detergent contains non-toxic concentrates to deliver effective washing results and restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Confused about how much washing detergent to use?
We’ve provided the answers here.

Normal laundry detergents often contain ingredients that can irritate the skin, including sodium lauryl sulfate and coconut diethanolamide which can cause excessive dryness of the skin and reactions in those with allergies. They may also use fragrances containing phthalates, which have been linked to a variety of health issues.

Made with non-toxic ingredients, bio-home Laundry Detergent can help to restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier, which is gradually eroded through friction against clothes and daily washing.

Suitable for all types of fabrics, bio-home Laundry Detergent can be used with both front and top load washing machines with no fabric softener required, and comes in a pleasing phthalate-free fragrance of Hyacinth and Nectarine. Simply add 1 capful for a full load (5 to 7 kg).

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Why choose bio-home?

An increasing number of people are switching to products that are safer for their families and for the environment, and bio-home customers are no exception. People use bio-home because they know our products are dermatologically and PH-tested to be safe for sensitive skin, and they adhere to international environmental guidelines.

The entire bio-home household care range contains no harmful chemicals, and is made using 100% plant-based active ingredients. Our products are also readily biodegradable, which means they break down into naturally occurring elements when released into the environment, without leaving any toxins behind.

But do they work as well as chemical-based cleaning products? The answer is yes, of course they do. Despite containing no harsh chemicals, bio-home household care products perform as well – and often better – than traditional household cleaning products. Best of all, products are distributed in the recyclable packaging.

The company which manufactures bio-home products, Lam Soon, is well known in South East Asia, with operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Choose bio-home for your family

Whether you’re washing your dishes or clothes or keeping your household clean, bio-home is the environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical-based household cleaners. Our products are gentle to the skin, with no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients, and kinder to the planet, breaking down naturally when released into the environment.

So if you’d like to help reduce your household carbon footprint, the best way to make a difference is by being selective about which products you bring into your home.

Before you reach for that familiar cleaning brand you’ve always used in the past, ask yourself whether it is the best for your family and the environment … and if the answer is ‘no’, choose bio-home instead when shopping at a Cold StorageFairPriceSheng SiongPrime Supermarket or RedMart near you.