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How to remove cockroaches from your home

They are disgusting creatures that terrify our family members when they make an appearance, usually resulting in a loud shouting match to decide who should kill it. This scenario shouldn’t be foreign to most of us, and while we’re tempted to engage pest control companies, the toxic chemicals used should remind you to think twice about doing so. There are many natural and less harmful ways to get rid of these pets.

Cleaning, again and again.Source 

There is no such thing as overcleaning. With household pests, prevention is honestly the best policy. Cockroaches are attracted to leftover food and the resulting grease. If that sounds like you, you have no one but yourself to blame. Start by wiping your countertops and tables every night, finish doing all dirty dishes, cleaning the stove and sweeping the kitchen floor before sleeping. This are the basics to create a clean environment deterring such pests. If you make this a habit, you’ll become so good at it, and it’ll take 15 minutes tops to eliminate most greasy residues.

Seal all cracks and holes.


See that crack in your storeroom, or between the kitchen wall and countertop? These spaces are enough for cockroaches to crawl through. Sealing such doorways for them will prevent them from entering your premises. You’ll appreciate it in the long run, especially since instances of cockroaches infiltrating your home will decrease.

Fix water leaks.


Cockroaches are drawn by water and moisture from pipe leakage. This is why you always spot them scurrying around beneath your sink. Certain cockroaches can survive on water alone for months. Repairing leaks, draining your sinks and not overwatering indoor plants can help save you lots of trouble.

Making a death trap.

Mix boric acid and powdered sugar in a 3:1 ratio. Cockroaches will be attracted to the sugar, only to be killed by the acid. While boric acid is not toxic to pets or people, they can be irritants so keep them away from counters and places away from children. Places you can sprinkle boric acid are behind the fridge, below the stove, sink or small cracks along the edges of walls in your storeroom.

Asking the experts.


While there are toxic chemicals that can get rid of pests, a natural pest control company will offer solutions that are non-toxic. Diatomaceous earth is one such substance. It is a soft rock that is crushed into powder form and used to fill holes in walls. It kills insects without using chemicals. Hence, it is not harmful and also extremely useful.

Kill it immediately.

What happens if there is one right in front of you and you’re too busy panicking? Calm down and use a solution of soap and water to spray it. Since cockroaches breathe through their skin, spraying soap will suffocate them, or you can always step on it.


To avoid the situation in point 6, it’s always better to be prepared and ready in advance to prevent such a horror from ever happening again. You – and our family will be better off without it.