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How to Clean Wooden Floors

Unsure of how to clean wooden floors? Fret not, we will guide you through the cleaning of different wood floorings and the appropriate methods and products to be used for each of them.


Cleaning Finished Wooden Floors



Most modern hardwood floorings nowadays are finished, coated with sealant, which protects the wood beneath it from stains and water. Thus, being waterproof, finished wooden floors are can be easily cleaned with a mop dipped in water and cleaning detergent.

However, it would be prudent not to use too much water. Floorboards may be sealed before they were fitted, and thus, unfinished cracks between floorboards will be susceptible to water damage. Therefore, your mop should be wrung out as much as possible, just wet enough to be damp.


Cleaning Unfinished Wooden Floors



It would be unwise to use water to clean unfinished floors as that leaves the floorboards susceptible to water damage and watermarks, and may even result in mould and mildew.

To deal with dirt or scratches, take a ball of steel wool and rub a small quantity of floor wax onto the affected areas until the marks are no longer observable. Avoid using too much wax as it may lead to discolouration of the wooden floorings.


Important things to take note

#1 Make sure you remove any puddles of water as it leaves unfinished wooden floorings susceptible to water damage, which may cause the floorboards to decay.

#2 To help the floorings dry faster, leave the windows open to encourage air circulation. If possible, position fans close by to help remove excess moisture in the air.

#3 Only use floor wax to polish your wooden floorboards after cleaning, never regular wax.

#4 Do not wear shoes while cleaning as you will track dirt onto your clean floors. Wear socks or clean slippers instead.


How to Prevent Dirt and Damage to Hardwood Floors

We encourage the maintenance of hardwood floors as this will help reduce the frequency of cleaning them. Here are some tips on how you can protect your hardwood floors from dirt and scratches:

  1. Vacuum with a soft brush

We recommend regular vacuuming of hardwood floors with a soft brush to remove small debris that can leave scratches on the wooden surfaces.

  1. Use floor mats or rugs at entrances of rooms with hardwood floors

Floor mats and rugs can help to remove the dirt and grit from shoe soles before you enter a room, reducing the chances of leaving scratches on hardwood floors.

  1. Use rubber floor protectors underneath furniture

We strongly advise placing furniture on rubber floor protectors to protect hardwood floors from scratches.